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Work With Me

Most people do not realize what an ingenious machine our body is. If we could only learn to trust and listen to it, we can heal our body from within and can overcome our illnesses. However, most times, our fear of change is greater than our desire to heal ourselves and live healthy and fulfilling life. Clearly, change is not always easy, it requires leaving our comfort zone and being open to new ideas, setting new goals, being committed and accountable.

As your Health Coach, I will support you in achieving your health goals through nutrition and lifestyle changes. It is my mission to guide you in your journey to become the healthiest you. My passion is to help and influence as many people create a lasting life style transformation through nutrition for their body and for their soul. I consider the food that feeds our soul (spirituality, relationship, physical activity and career) primary food, while Secondary foods are what we eat. We need to nourish our bodies with sufficient amount of primary and secondary food to reach optimal health and thrive. As your coach, I will guide you on how to balance your life, so you can receive the optimum nutrition for your body and your soul.

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