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After having my second child, I was looking for a new lifestyle, to change my eating habits and restore my energy.

When I met Nava I finally found a health coach who would understand me and care about the progress I would be making.

After our first session I knew I found the one that can provide me the professional and personal advice I needed.

Nava inspired me to try new ideas and taught me how to make my wishes come true.

Without her, my new goal lifestyle would have been surely out of reach.

Thank you Nava!

Blond Woman
L. Carmel

I contacted Nava after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and knew I have to change many aspects of my diet right away.

Nava was very comforting, personal, and professional. She understood my needs and offered healthy alternatives to my sweet cravings, as well as offered unlimited options for my diet and helped me make it varied, interesting and fun.

Nava is very resourceful and knowledgeable. I find her personal and a great motivator through the process I am taking. 

I am very lucky to have her in this journey I am taking to change my nutrition  to a healthier one for life. I have no doubt I have chosen the right person.

Thank you Nava!


I have 3 kids and one more on the way. I was looking to get support and guidance throughout my pregnancy. After I met Nava I knew she was the one. She is so professional, understanding, and knows how to tell you the right thing in order to help and motivate you through the process. 

I can’t say enough. I’m almost 36 weeks now and I feel so good, so energetic and my blood tests were great. She’s always there from me. Every question I have she’s in full attention and so patient. 

I’m planning on continuing with her after giving birth:-) 

Thank you for helping me by being there for me all the time and guiding me to get the best results.

Neev Pettel

I contacted Nava because I wanted to start eating healthier and learn to prepare healthy and satisfying meals. Nava’s help was really essential especially since I recently started more intense workout to at the gym and I wanted to make sure I provide my body with proper nutrition. She gave me helpful and practical tips for simple and quick protein based meals I can prepare at home along with nutrition recommendation for before and after my workout.  However, what I liked most about our coaching sessions was how she made me realized that it’s not just the actual food that goes into my body that matter but more importantly is learning to balance the different areas of my life and feed my mind and soul as well. She gradually helped me add healthier foods into my diet and made me realize how my body naturally started craving less and less the food that no longer serve and nourish it. Only few weeks after I felt so much lighter and energized. I incorporate her tips and recommendations into my daily lifestyle and I feel amazing!

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